Technical consultancy for Europe and the Middle East

Recruiting Great Engineers

Zhibek Tech is seeking talented Software Engineers in Cairo to work on projects with large clients in Europe and North America. We are looking for graduates, experienced engineers and team leads. Ability and commitment is more important than current skill-set (cross-training is encouraged). The goal is to build a cohesive team, capable of responding to dynamic requirements with good communication internally and externally.

Previous experience working with a team is desirable. Any exposure to agile methodologies (SCRUM, Kanban, etc) is welcome. Being willing and capable to work together to build a rounded solution is a primary requirement.

A desire to attain experience in the field and explore new technologies as they emerge is encouraged. The projects we undertake require utilisation of a wide range of technologies. Experience with testing methodologies (including TDD) is desirable. Exposure to industry standard tools such as version control (e.g. GIT) and issue tracking (e.g. Jira) is desired.